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by Brooklyn Boulders Foundation

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Our mission is to elevate the public by offering greater access to the sport of rock climbing. Donations will be used to recruit students and mentors for the City Rocks program, hold Climb-a-thons for other organizations, and host groups of students from other Title 1 schools and non-profit youth programs throughout NYC.

CITY ROCKS MENTORING PROGRAM: City Rocks matches 10th graders from a local Title 1 high school with adult volunteers from the Brooklyn Boulders climbing community. They can climb, slack-line, play ping pong and take classes such as yoga or pilates while they are in the facility. They also dedicate time to work on projects, get help with school work and research at job and educational opportunities online. 

CLIMB-A-THONS: Climb-a-thons are exciting events that open the Brooklyn Boulders climbing gym during to any school or non-profit organization trying to raise money. Participants gather pledges before the event and try to reach their goal by climb as much as possible.  

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: We welcome any group from a school or non-profit organization in NYC that cannot meet the financial requirements to climb at BKB. Our goal is to increase access to rock climbing to these students by offering free or reduced group rates.  

Through these 3 programs we hope to accomplish the following goals: 

  • Provide greater access to rock climbing by offering free or subsidized admission to the Brooklyn Boulders climbing gym.
  • Challenge all participants to push their limits so they can conquer an intimidating and unfamiliar activity.
  • Educate about the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Offer community youth a supportive atmosphere where they can form healthy peer relationships with members of the Brooklyn Boulders climbing community. 

About the rewards:

Special reward for all donations above $20: Automatic 10% discount at the Hueco Hacienda.

Learn The Ropes or Learn To Boulder Class:

Must be booked in advance. See details and schedule of classes here:

Train 10 teachers to bring their students to Brooklyn Boulders:

Please contact [email protected] for details.

Get a visit from the Brooklyn Boulders Mobile Climbing wall:

Please contact [email protected] for details.






These photos are from a Community Outreach event with the Fiver Children's Foundation.